Alternations and Repairs

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It is not necessary that every piece of cloth that you purchase will fit you. Despite our repeated checks, the size of the clothes usually generates trouble for us. If such a case arises, there’s no need to feel helpless or annoying as Heritage Dry Cleaners will make perfect alterations for you.

Heritage Dry Cleaners, our highly-skilled and seasoned tailors give extreme care and value to your hard-earned money, and with their extensive and proven expertise, they have taken the art of alteration to perfection. The end result is that we at Heritage Dry Cleaners enjoy extreme customer satisfaction when it comes to alterations and repairs.

We make alterations and repairs irrespective of the style of your cloth – be it trending one or be it traditional wear. After alteration and repairs, we deliver your items in the timeframe that you have quoted in the order to make the whole procedure efficiently convenient.

The salient features of our alteration and repair services are:

  1. Extreme professional touch
  2. Timely Delivery
  3. Free Collection

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