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At Heritage Dry Cleaners, we return your items cleaned, pressed, and folded within 24 hours. This is super-fast! Isn’t it?

The method is simple, reliable, and quick. Visit our website to place an order. Enter your details carefully. Once your order is placed, our bespoke agent will arrive at your location at the time of your availability [you’ll be asked about the availability when you’ll be placing an order on the website] to collect your items. He will then drop it in one of our facilities.

We’ll then clean your items with meticulous care and top-notch machinery. After getting dry cleaning treatment, your items will be delivered back to you clean, folded, and pressed within a day.

Besides tailoring our services as per your need, at Heritage Dry Cleaners, you will find rates that aren’t available anywhere else across the United Kingdom. You can check it out by asking hundreds of thousands of permanent, happy, and satisfied customers that we have served thus far, the testimonials of which are available on the website.

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