How to hand wash clothes

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When it comes to cleaning your clothes, using the handwashing technique is the last thing you want to hear or do. It requires a lot of patience and effort while the method also consumes a greater chunk of the free time. 

However, there are some fabrics that can be cleaned only by handwashing. Also, in case of emergencies like traveling when you don’t have the luxury of using washing machines, knowledge regarding how to handwash your clothes proves useful. 

To handwash your clothes, you need to collect a bucket/sink/tub and a soap or liquid detergent. 

Before beginning handwashing, you should and must separate dark-colour clothes from white-colour clothes so that colour of the former doesn’t penetrate into the latter. After doing that, pour luke-warm water into the sink/tub/bucket. Then mix soap or detergent in it. 

Only add a few drops into the water if laundry detergent is being used for handwashing. If you are using soap, mix it until soapy water is created. If you are sure that using a soap bar while scrubbing your clothes won’t discolour the fabric, use this technique too. 

Now dunk your clothes in and out while swirling them. One proven technique is to rub parts of the fabric against each other to remove stubborn stains. If you feel necessary, there’s no harm in adding additional soap or completely changing the mixture in the tub. 

Once you have scrubbed your fabric completely, leave your clothes to be soaked for at least 20-25 minutes. 

Now, wash your fabric with clean water to remove the soap, detergent, dirt, and impurities. 

Once you are sure that all stains have been removed and your clothes are fully cleaned, you’ll move to the drying phase. 

Drying your hand-washed clothes 

Screw as much water out of the wet clothes as you can and then leave them to dry. We recommend hanging your washed stuff in that portion of the house where they are exposed to sunlight. This will help your clothes to in drying much quicker. If it isn’t possible to hang them outside [due to rain or any other reason], the bathroom will be the most appropriate place of hanging your clothes for dry purposes.

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