Shoe Repair

Our Services

At Heritage Dry Cleaners, we provide shoe repairing and cleaning services with just one purpose in mind: make your shoes look fresh and new again.

To achieve this goal, Heritage Dry Cleaners restore suede shoe or any type of footwear with top-notch materials, and high-quality craftsmanship and ensure that your classy footwear receives the treatment it deserves.

We provide a wide array of services including heels, stretching, soles, zip replacement, upper repairs, and leather repairs.

Our seasoned artisans perform repair services with meticulous care. With extensive knowledge of the material, regular training sessions, and knowledge of footwear construction, our craftsmen ensure that your boots and shoes receive the best of the attention and care available in the United Kingdom.

At Heritage Dry Cleaners, our craftsmen can perform any type of task from the tiniest stitching to re-welt and full-long sole. Usually, we performt tasks involving more complicated and sophisticated care are taken to the central workshop.

We are completely aware of the fact that shoes add a lot to the appearance. A tiny blemish or imperfection ruins your ultimate look. Unlike curtains or cloths that can be stitched or washed at home, shoes are difficult to deal with. Therefore, at Heritage Dry Cleaners, our craftsmen ensure that cut, gloss, color, and design of your shoe remain intact

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