Tumble Dryer Care Guide

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Tumble dry care guide

Tumble dryers come in handy if you are in a hurry and want your fabric or clothes to dry quicker than normal. However, if your tumble dryer does not receive proper maintenance, then for sure its ability to dry your clothes will decrease immensely and after a certain period, it may completely stop functioning. 

So, stay with us as we are going to discuss a proven technique through which you can keep your tumble dryer intact.

Clean Filter

Each time you put your clothes in a tumble dryer, they leave behind fibers’ particles and fluff. To deal with these particles and fluff, there are lint filters in the dryers that bar this material from being clogged up in the airflow system. Therefore, you must clean the lint filters of the tumble dryer after every use. 

For cleaning the lint filters, you need to remove them first from the dryer. Once removed, use a vacuum hose to flush the loose particles. The lint filter is located at the front side of the dryer behind the rim of the door. 

Remember that using a vacuum hose only will not completely rid your lint filter of the fluff and the fiber. You should also wash your lint filter in a mixture of water and soap. 

Before slotting the lint filter back in its place, make sure that it is completely dried. 

Empty the water tank

The only function of the tumble dryer is to dry your fabric. It does so by first removing the water and then releasing heat in the clothes chamber. Tumble dryer stores this removed water in its water tank. The capacity and the position of the water tank depends on the model and size of the tumble dryer. Though the water tank of the tumble dryer has the capacity to store water released during two rounds, we recommend you empty your water tank after each round. 

Emptying may not be enough. Clean your water tank with fresh water before inserting it back in the tumble dryer. 

Clear Vents

For those who operate vented dryers, we recommend checking the vent and the hose of their machines. The main function of the hose is to pump-out damp and warm while circulating fresh air into your tumble dryer. 

Also, ensure that your hose has enough space to lay down straight. Else, the kink can considerably restrict airflow, thus decreasing the machine’s efficiency by increasing the time it consumes when drying your clothes. 

Keep your dryer drum clean

Like any other part of the dryer, it is mandatory to regularly clean drums. The dust, fluff, and the grime from your fabric may move in the drum section. As drying sensors are located within the drum section, any malfunctioning will lead to misreading resulting in inaccurate drying times.

To remove dust and grime from the fabric, pick up a dry cloth. Then use vinegar to rub the dryer’s drum. 

Unclog Heat Exchanger

When the heat exchanger becomes clogged, the airflow is slowed down this phenomenon prevents your stuff from drying in the usual time. Remove the fluff that gathers on the heat exchanger using your hand. After doing so, remove the remaining fluff using freshwater. 

As with the other parts of the dryer, completely dry it before inserting it back.

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